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How to get over a break up - With all the advice you may come across on how to get over a break up and the roller coaster of emotions you are having right now you probably do not know what to do. But to tell you the truth what worked for one will not always work for all. Different people have different needs and different feelings.

How to get over a break up - Your feelings are normal. Many people go through a mourning process just like a death at the end of a relationship. The longer your relationship lasted the harder the mourning process will be for you.

Below you will find some tips to help you with how to get over a break up.

How To Get Over A Break Up Tip #1 Avoid isolation. Hang out with family and friends. If you are not much of a people person then turn to one person that you trust and let some of the emotion or anger out vocally. Tell them how you feel and cry on their shoulder if you need to.

Go out and grab lunch or dinner with your family or friends. Let them take your mind off of your heartbreak. Try to go out with friends or family at least once or twice a week. Isolation will only make it worse. You need to work through it without dwelling on it 7 days a week.

How To Get Over A Break Up Tip #2 Get rid of your ex's things. When you have a clear head go through your ex's things and get rid of them. Give them back to your ex or drop them off at a neutral location for your ex to pick up. If you are more extreme then give them away to local charity, throw them away, or have a burning ceremony. Keep in mind that throwing away, giving to charity, or burning your ex's possessions will most likely cause hurt feelings. Make sure your are not doing it out of anger and it is something that you will regret later on.

How To Get Over A Break Up Tip #3 Find new hobbies and enjoy your free time. Along with a break up comes freedom. You are now free to do anything that you would like to do. Think of several things that you may have given up for your ex and go do some of these things again.

I am sure that there is something that you have always wanted to do or try. Now is your chance to make new hobbies. Go do them and give those things a try. You may find that you like them. Put on something that makes you look good, take a friend, and enjoy your new found freedom.

Give these how to get over a break up tips a try you never know one of them could make you feel better and put you on the road to moving on and accepting that you have a new life ahead of you. There is happiness in the days and months to come.